The Elaine Chapin Fund
Educating The MS Community


Elaine Chapin passed away on November 1st, 2008 after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis.  Elaine was an exceptional woman and a loving wife and motherShe was the kind of person that everyone loved and she always seemed to find a way to stay positive and keep a sweet smile on her face, even in her final days.  One of her proudest moments was the day that her son graduated from college, just months before she left us.  She would be thrilled to know that her name was associated with granting students impacted by MS an opportunity to receive a college education.  Although she is deeply missed by her family and friends, her spirit lives on.  I could go on and on about Elaine but I will let the words of others do the talking....   



 "Elaine was such a ray of sunshine for all of us here at Bethesda.  Everyone knew and loved her.  She knew how to have a good time and was so upbeat in spite of her health.  We shall miss her and remember her fondly" 
Nancy - Bethesda Dilworth Nursing Home

"I will always remember Elaine's smile.  It was radiant and perpetual and the window into a soul of a loving, giving person.  As Elaine's ability to talk at length faltered, her smile took over.  It said much more than mere words could have - that she was a woman of grace, good humor and resiliency.  She was a true warrior against a disease and refused to bow to it.  But her smile belied allof that.  It was an inspiration that will remain with me always."
Cathy F. - St. Louis


"Elaine came into my life like a breath of fresh air.  She loved me and I loved her.  I admire Elaine so much for her sense of Grace.  Knowing she had been dealt a bad hand, she still smiled every day." 
Liz Chapin - Elaine's mother in law


"I always have very fond memories of Elaine.  She was a sister that I never had and someone to look up to.  Her faith never failed her, even when most of us would have been cursing the Gods for being the one hampered with MS.  She was always upbeat and optimistic about life.  As much as I miss her, I am happy that right now she is probably dancing in the halls of heaven with a pina colada in her hand.  No one deserves it more." 
Karen Nowell - Elaine's sister in law



"Elaine was here with us only a short time.  Her warm smile and gentle personality will be missed.  She brought alot to us who knew her.  I will always remember her."  
Shirley K - Bethesda Dilworth Nursing Home